We develop the FM organization that meets your needs. For us, lean means creating optimum added value in facility management - sector-specific and unique.

Our clients are internationally focused and spread around the globe with production locations across the whole EMEA region with us in charge of the consistency of their facility management. Lean FM itself follows an international approach with experts in all major markets, providing local know-how of dealing with country-specific features, in Germany and abroad.
With facility management being our core field of business, we know the different requirements our customers, who are dealing in various industries, are facing. That is why we look at each individual project separately, developing unique and industry-specific solutions all the while applying the know-how we have of previous projects. Our current focus lies on the health care industry as well as the manufacturing industry.
Our consultants proudly look back at all the past successful projects. As interim managers, we often get to execute our concepts autonomously, creating potential and optimising the organisation, its processes and tools. For Lean, a job is only done when the client is satisfied, which is why we explicitly support giving our clients a glimpse of our projects and ensure direct contact to our clients.
Our previous projects have seen us deal with facility management and storage solutions in an area of over 3 million square meters including smaller objects as well as international portfolios. Efficiency in storage utilization is one of the key approaches at Lean FM, providing a sensible use of available storage area.
As part of our concept at Lean, we walk the road of success together and consult our clients from day one to discover the huge potential savings possible through smart Lean Management concepts practised at Lean FM, essentially redefining the value chain. This ensures competitive salaries, thus attracting employees of high quality, while at the same time saving money through highly efficient processes and innovative technology.