Energy Management

Management and control of energy consumption form the basis for a continuous reduction of costs. Lean FM helps you use resources cost-efficiently with the added positive effect of having an environmentally friendly corporate policy.



Efficient use and saving of energy are big challenges.

Measures to increase efficiency in their use of resources offer companies advantages such as strengthening their competitiveness while at the same time relieving the burden on the environment.

The introduction of suitable energy data management systems, as well as the competence of energy efficiency are key.

Lean FM combines management expertise, operational experience and innovative engineering to provide comprehensive energy management. In doing so, we act product-neutrally and pursue only the individual goals of our customers.

Lean FM helps you use resources cost-efficiently with the added positive effect of having an environmentally friendly corporate policy.

We analyze your existing Energy Management System in detail before introduction and during operation.


GAP analysis on the introduction of ISO 50001

For a successful introduction of a new energy management system, it is essential to identify existing gaps and close them with appropriate measures so that they do not get in the way of certification. Lean FM supports you in identifying the specific areas in which you need to take action. These are presented to you in the form of a report that already offers initial proposals and food for thought for closing the identified gaps.

KPI Check for successful re-certification (ISO 50006)

Lean FM is your partner in the development, definition and measurement of appropriate user KPIs and the baseline (ENB), as well as its limits and further customization. We further support you within the framework of the ISO 50006 as well as other key figures related to your production, allocation strategies and the influence of the weather on your energy management system.

Analysis and development of measurement and counting concepts (ISO 50015)

Proof of energy savings is mandatory from October 2017, especially for companies with certified energy management systems according to ISO 50001. The new ISO 50015 regulation sets proof of saving as a test criterion for a re-audit. We analyze your needs and develop energy savings tracking methodology through meaningful measurement and counting concepts and dashboards.

We implement and operate your energy management system.


Introduction of ISO 50001

The introduction of an Energy management system presents both the organization and the responsible executives with unfamiliar challenges. Professional support from Lean FM guarantees you the necessary organization and information structures, system documents, as well as support throughout the entire implementation process.

Continuous improvement of energy efficiency

Following successful implementation and certification of an EnMS, technical and organizational processes are continuously monitored and improved (CIP). Lean FM has unique strengths in process improvement through its use of a lean management approach. We materialize the saving of energy through organizational, technical and procedural improvements. Lean FM thereby ensures the continuity of the improvement process for you.

Internal auditing of the energy management system

An internal audit by Lean FM helps you verify the effectiveness of your energy management system and to ensure its maintenance. Through internal audits of the energy management system, we identify areas requiring corrective and preventive action and develop action catalogs to ensure that the EMS re-certification remains secure.

We offer energy management services


Energy Management Officer

 At Lean FM, we take over the functions of the Energy Management Officer (EMB). Our experienced energy managers cover the areas of responsibility of the EMB. This includes the provision of an energy management officer, support in the further development of your EnMS, checking the achievement of objectives and derivation of corrective measures, assistance with (re-) certification measures, employee training and an annual report to the top management.


When reporting, transparency, security and quality must be ensured, checked and secured. Lean FM is specialized in developing and establishing efficient reporting systems. Lean FM provides you with an effective and streamlined report based on our extensive operational experience so that you are always informed about the development of deadlines, quality and costs.

Development, Operation, Dashboard

Modern management methods involve efficiently extracting information from existing data and using it for control, reporting, and decision-making purposes. A report and dashboard can generally be created for all kinds of data. Moreover, such a dashboard, composed of your various data sources, is user-oriented and helps you to quickly see how values ​​evolve and how they can be impacted. With interactive and dynamic dashboards, you can easily and quickly filter out the information that is relevant to you and use it as the basis for important decisions. At Lean FM we support, develop and operate your dashboard for you.