Energy efficiency

Management and control of consumption form the basis for a continuous reduction of costs. Lean FM helps you use resources cost-efficiently with the added positive effect of having an environmentally friendly corporate policy.



Energy efficiency describes the ratio of utility and energy used. Consequently, the goal of achieving the same utility while using less energy is ecological and economical. This target triangle usually tracks one of the three objectives.

Every organization has a hidden potential for energy, cost or carbon savings. The difficulty for companies is to use the most effective vehicle for achieving these goals
Often the measures that are implemented first have the least effect.

At Lean FM, we show you the most effective way to achieve your energy efficiency goals by incorporating technical, economic, and environmental drivers.

The goal of the analysis is to create transparency for clear decisions.


Benchmark analysis

Using a comprehensive benchmark analysis of your portfolio, Lean FM helps you to identify relevant areas of action. The comparison of your key performance indicators with specific and validated reference values ​​allows us to understand your energy consumption and to show you possible optimization potentials.

Energy Efficiency Analysis

Analysis of real estate portfolios, individual locations, buildings or processes with the aim of uncovering potential areas of improvement and to develop measures with a precise implementation proposal. Lean FM's approach is derived from the methodology of lean management and focuses on topics of greatest relevance. Using an iterative process, actions are derived in a structured manner and worked out accordingly.

Energy supply concepts

The energy and utilities supply of real estate portfolios or buildings is often very complex. Decisions for a specific supply concept in the interplay of energy purchasing and self-generation may, in the long term, lead to higher costs than necessary. That's why Lean FM analyzes your complete supply structure along the entire value chain and derives specific and effective measures for optimization. Measures will take into account the current mode of operation of your energy generation plants and the integration of combined heat and power or CHPs, photovoltaic systems or other innovative solutions.

Action definition

Based on the analysis phase, Lean FM will give you an individual and result-oriented report. This is created on the basis of the optimization potentials identified in the selected analysis method. For further use, the actions and proposals for implementation contained in the report can be transferred and implemented in the next phase.

We not only support you during the decision-making process but also implement your project.


Performance of energy audits DIN 16247

Government regulations mandate the implementation of energy audits for large companies and corporations in order to contribute to the achievement of the European energy saving target. In addition to the identification of energy efficiency improvements, the audit includes, in particular, the development of measures to reduce resource consumption, the assessment through investment and profitability calculations and a proposal for implementation. Lean FM’s experience gained through a variety of energy audits can help to ensure the success of your energy audit.

Implementation of efficiency projects

You may be faced with the task of implementing an efficiency project, such as the replacement of lighting, the revitalization of a heating system or the replacement of a cooling machine. At Lean FM, we ensure a smooth project process and project success for you by assuming the project management.

Optimization of energy purchasing

Reduce costs, ensure security of supply and make the energy supply CO2 neutral. A high cost and emission reduction potential often lies in energy purchasing. We support you in the optimization of energy procurement by examining energy bills, supply contracts as well as their bundling and tendering.

We offer energy management services.


Energy Management Officer

Lean FM takes over the functions of the Energy Management Officer (EMO). Our experienced energy managers cover the areas of responsibility of the EMO. This includes the provision of an energy management officer, support in the further development of your EnMS, checking the achievement of objectives and derivation of corrective measures, assistance with (re-) certification measures, employee training, annual report to the top management.


When reporting, transparency, security and quality must be ensured, checked and secured. Lean FM is specialized in developing and establishing efficient reporting systems. Lean FM provides you with an effective and streamlined report based on our extensive operational experience so that you are always informed about the development of deadlines, quality and costs.

Development, Operation, Dashboard

Modern management methods involve efficiently extracting information from existing data and using it for control, reporting, and decision-making purposes. A report and dashboard can generally be created for all kinds of data. Moreover, such a dashboard, composed of your various data sources, is user-oriented and helps you to quickly see how values ​​evolve and how they can be impacted. With interactive and dynamic dashboards, you can easily and quickly filter out the information that is relevant to you and use it as the basis for important decisions. At Lean FM we support, develop and operate your dashboard for you.