We develop individual dashboards tailored to your needs so that you can visualize and create reports.


The amount of data that energy managers and decision-makers have to deal with is growing exponentially.

In most cases they simply do not have enough time to evaluate the data.

With interactive and dynamic dashboards, you can easily and quickly filter out the information that is relevant to you from your various data sources and use them as a basis for important decisions.


We support, develop and operate your dashboard.


Modern management methods involve efficiently extracting information from existing data and using it for controlling, reporting, and decision-making.

A dashboard and a report can be created for all types of data. Importantly, such a dashboard is user-oriented and helps the user understand how values ​​evolve and how they can be impacted.

Indicators provide a quick overview of the building’s efficiency and show any changes over time. Deviation from a specified characteristic value indicates whether there is a strong need for action or not.

Development of consumption compared to the previous year as well as the share of energy carriers in the total energy supply reveals the driving factors of change. The comparison of monthly consumption shows possible correlations of factors at a glance. Detailed data helps to understand how energy is consumed, when peaks occur and how high the stand-by consumption is. The current month can be analyzed and considered in detail.

Such a dashboard is created for each client and for each type of data specifically and is individually adapted to the client’s needs. It enables the users to get the information that is relevant for them so that they can use it purposefully and safely for controlling, reporting and decision purposes.


We combine management expertise, operational experience and innovative engineering for comprehensive energy management.